The Ministry of Finance (MOF) of Mongolia (referred as the “Client” hereafter) is implementing the “Third Sustainable Livelihoods Project” (SLP3), which is funded by the International Development Association (IDA) and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). SLP3 is the last stage of a-12 years program, the build-up of which would be determined by the performance of program components and the pace of institutional reform and capacity building at all administrative levels. 

Within the broad framework of the Program, the specific project development objective under SLP3 is “to improve governance and community participation for the planning and delivery of priority investment in rural areas of Mongolia.” SLP3 comprises the following components: 
i.    Capacity building for Local Governance and Livelihoods; 
ii.    Good Governance Performance Based Support Program; and
iii.    Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation. 
The Project focuses on supporting participatory processes and building capacity in the governmental structure to successfully implement the Local Development Fund (LDF) introduced under the Integrated Budget Law (IBL) of 2011. In particular, it introduces an incentive mechanism to promote good governance at the soum level, rewarding those soums that embrace the participatory processes and incorporate good practice elements into their planning, budgeting, execution, monitoring and evaluation and fiduciary processes. The SLP3 principal beneficiaries are rural citizens throughout Mongolia, who would benefit from improved local governance and the implementation of LDF.
The objective of this assignment is i) to develop and disseminate audio and video contents including TV and radio programs, spots, news and ii) develop contents of various printed materials on the LDF (and the SLP3 where applicable) for the target stakeholders nationwide.   
The desired consultancy will prepare and disseminate media contents and develop publication material contents and design in order to provide the rural authorities and the general population with the necessary information on the LDF to promote citizen participation in the LDF processes as stipulated in the relevant laws and regulations. Indicative list of the media and printed material deliverables to be developed by the consultancy will include, but not be limited to, the following: 
Media content preparation and dissemination
•    Distance learning contents for LDF participants (i.e. local government officials and citizens)
•    Video/radio programs on the various aspects of the LDF to be broadcasted via TV, radio, websites, and social media
•    TV and radio news
•    Photos of LDF activities for inclusion in the media contents
•    Articles for newspaper and websites
•    TV and radio spots and mass messages
•    Data visualization for the APA results
Publication materials content and design
•    LDF logo design
•    Posters to call on local citizens to participate in the LDF processes to be made available at public places
•    Leaflets/factsheets to be distributed to the local citizens/herders providing information on the LDF (and the SLP3 as appropriate)
•    Playing cards with LDF process related information 
The actual content of the various deliverables and the associated costs shall be discussed and agreed with the SLP3 team each time based on the specific needs identified for the communication activities as per the project Communication Strategy. For this reason, interested parties shall provide as part of their Expression of Interest the suggested unit prices (subject to negotiation later with consideration to the market prices, as necessary) for the development and design of the above-mentioned types of audio, video and printed material contents as well as dissemination through media (e.g. TV, radio, newspapers/websites, etc.). 
The contractor will be required to submit the final deliverables as well as all relevant original files/contents in digital form to the SLP3 Project Implementation Unit (PIU) and be able to do minor editing/re-editing as needed during the contract period. 
The above-mentioned tasks shall generally result in the following deliverables:
•    A detailed implementation/deliverables plan to be discussed and agreed with the PIU.  
•    Actual audio/video and printed material contents designed and developed. 
•    Report on dissemination of the prepared audio and video contents via media e.g. TV/radio channels.
•    A qualterly report on the communication activities carried out with detaield statistics on the numbers of viewers, comments, etc., as applicable.   
The consultant shall cooperate on a daily basis with the Communication Consultant of the PIU and other relevant project staff and report to the Project Director on a regular basis. The Procurement Officer of the PIU will also engage in the negotiation and agreement on the costs of the various deliverables. All broadcasting and publication materials should be submitted to the PIU for approval before broadcasting and dissemination. 

The deliverables under the assignment shall meet at the minimum the following technical requirements:
•    All print and broadcasting materials should follow the Branding and Visual Identity Guidelines of the World Bank and Visibility Guidelines of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and clearly state that the project is funded by the World Bank and Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. 

Media content preparation
•    All contents shall be created/developed specifically for the assignment with the following components: program intro, transitions, outro, logos, music, title template, interpretation to deaf audience, subtitles, etc. 
•    Video contents shall be compliant with Full HD1080p format in accordance with television and radio broadcasting requirements (e.g. PAL and 25 frames per second recording. ProRes 4444 24bit .MOV is preferable. 25 FPS at all times including drone footage of 4K at all times, if possible. Directional microphones into camera at all times with Audio 48k Hz stereo).
•    Video footages are preferred to depict rural or soum settings with interviews to largely avoid indoor recordings.
•    Video/radio programs shall be of educational/documentary genre with appropriate composition of interviews, text, voice, infographics, graphics and music as deemed appropriate. 
•    Radio contents should largely be based on the TV content for consistency of information.
•    Media contents shall be broadcasted through the most reputable and popular channels identified for soum residents and herders such as MNB, Malchin, DDish, Daily News, www.news.mn, etc. 
Publication material content and design
•    Publication material contents shall be easy to understand by the general public and be interesting to follow and be in accordance with the latest publication standards and quality. 

The contractor shall keep all the original footage, recordings and other relevant files during the contract period. For each of the contents, make use of audio, video and any other visual materials created only for this assignment and avoid any intellectual property violations. The deliverables under this assignment shall become intellectual property of the project and shall not be used without written approval of the Client. 
The consulting firm is expected to have following the qualifications:

•    The consulting firm should be experienced in designing and developing media and publication contents and design as well as arranging the dissemination.
•    At least have 5 years of experience in the media and communication sector.
•    Evidence of media and publication materials developed within the last 2 years.
•    Proven record of financial and institutional soundness of the firm.
•    Have qualified human resources to complete the assignment: 
•    TV and radio producer or director with at least 5 years of direct relevant experience 
•    TV and radio journalist
•    Cameramen
•    Editing director 
•    Graphic designer and publication designer
•    Voiceover narrator appropriate for the content features
•    Deaf interpreter 
•    Other professionals as needed 

The total estimated cost of the assignment shall be up to USD 100,000. The Client will negotiate and agree with the Contractor on the content and the associated cost for each of the deliverables in writing in prior and the corresponding payment shall be released upon acceptance of the deliverable by the Client and submission of the related invoice. For footage/recording in rural areas, the contractor shall be responsible for all the travel costs (transportation and accommodation expenses) and claim those based on actuals on the related invoices under the contract. 

CONTRACT DURATION: The assignment is expected to commence in March 2019. Consultant will be selected in accordance with the World Bank Guidelines: Selection and Employment of Consultants by World Bank Borrowers, October 2006. If your firm/organization is interested in the above-mentioned assignment please submit the Expression of Interest no later than 12:00 PM, March 15, 2019. Online submission is NOT available for this selection. If you need any further details, please feel free to contact us.
CONTACT ADDRESS: Third Sustainable Livelihoods Project, Room #510, Ministry of Finance, Government Building No.2, S. Danzan Street 5/D, Ulaanbaatar 15160, Mongolia; Tel: +(976)-70009828 (office)